Sunday, February 16, 2014

RA Life: A Week of Valentine's Love

I have been meaning to write about my RA life on this blog for a while, not only to express my love for the position, but to showcase my ideas and crafts that I have created while in this placement. This particular post is about my week of Valentine's passives that I showered upon my awesome residents.


I thought that this was a great way to start of the beginning of the week, with a pen to help get into the right mindset for this week.
Ingredients: Colored paper (regular paper will do just fine as well), Word template for note, and pens (finding enough pens for all of my residents on my RA budget was slightly difficult, but I did it!)


With the same thought as Monday (getting into the right work mindset for the week), I thought the beginning of the week deserved some caffeine.
Ingredients- Tea (I chose black [for the caffeine]) and construction paper/Sharpies (could also do this with a word template and colored paper [might be easier if strapped for time])


I am kind of a Star Wars nerd and so I needed to get my obsession into these passives somehow. 
Ingredients- I found the Star Wars Valentine's at the dollar store (these are the kind that we used to give out as elementary school children) and pixy sticks! Originally, I wanted to do this with glow sticks like what I saw on pinterest , but my budget would not allow. Pixy sticks it was! Still seemed to be a big hit!
Inspiration-'s &


Thursday, people are starting to get fed up with the week at this point (at least I am). The end is so near, yet so far at the same time. I figured that this day screamed food pick me up! S'more ingredients to the rescue!
Ingredients-Graham crackers (x2 for each bag), marshmallows (x2 for each bag), fun sized Hershey's bar (x1 for each bag, unless budget allows for 2 [mine did not]), seal-able bags (s'more ingredients do not get contaminated), and word template for message.


Friday was Valentine's day and while I could have done something super over the top, I decided to go with something small and cute. These little dollar store Valentine's really bring me back to my elementary school days. I liked giving these out on Valentine's day, so my residents got the same experience. The Valentine's came with stickers as well, which I thought was pretty cool seeing as I wasn't going to add any sweets to the mix (figured that they would get enough sweets throughout the day)
Ingredients-Dollar store Valentine's.
Inspiration-Elementary school Valentine's day.

Anyways, I hope that you all enjoyed this. If you have any questions about how I went about doing these projects or want the Word templates, please feel free to comment below! Thanks and until next time.

Much Love,

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  1. Taylor I sent you a post-i hope u got it!!!!! Took me a lot of time to to write it and comopose it. All I can say is hope you got it honey and both of you have fun !!! love mom