Monday, June 30, 2014

Nice was Nice

Nice was a short trip. We only spent a day and a half there.

Day 21

The trip from Florence to nice was a long one that included three trains, but all of which were free with our eurail pass. 

Bored train pictures.

Beautiful views while on the train.

We stayed at a hostel/hotel and were upgraded upon arrival to a real hotel room with air conditioning. You can imagine our excitement! 

We found a kabob place that was near the hotel and ate a meal outside while talking for hours, it was very nice. 

Day 22

We went to the train station to get train tickets for Barcelona (ended up being about 39 euro). We then got breakfast from the grocery store and headed to a park to eat it. It was really nice walking around and looking at the architecture. It was quite different from Florence's. It had more colors and more of a beachy feel. 

After we found a travelex and got some money. Around that time I realized I forgot my water bottle and so K was gracious enough to go back to the park and find it for me (which he did). We then headed towards the direction of the beach. When we came upon the beach, the view was absolutely gorgeous.

 We walked down to a public access part and sat down near the water. We had not brought our bathing suits and did not really want to go back to do so. We did get our feet wet, which was nice. The only problem with the beach was the fact that instead of sand there was rocks, which was kind of hurtful to sit upon. 

We then walked along the beach walk and just took in the sights. We then came upon this cliff that we could climb stairs to get to the top, so we did it. The view from the lookout part was breathtaking.

 We found that there was a park located at the top. We walked around exploring the different views that we could experience. 

At one end of the park we found that there was an active excavation of an old church occurring. 

It was really interesting to watch something like that in real life, when I feel I only see that kind of stuff in the movies. 

We explored more of what the summit had to offer, like ruins of an old fort. On our way down we found a waterfall which we took pictures of. 

We then searched for some of the important sites like the opera house, D'Adam et Eve Maison, looked at two churches and explored a square that had interactive water fountains that people could play or walk through (K and I both enjoyed doing so). We then started back to our hostel. On the way back, we browsed through some stores and also picked up dinner. We made dinner in the hostel kitchen and then just hung out until it was night. We walked back to the square with the water fountains and looked at the lit up statues that are famous to Nice. 

We then had a midnight snack and headed back to the hostel to sleep. 

Day 23

Our train to Barcelona was at 1:55pm and so we took our time getting ready in the morning. We hung out until we needed to get lunch and get on the train. We got into Barcelona at around 10pm. 

I don't know when the next Europe post will get up, but it might be interspersed with other posts, sorry for the confusion if there is any! Until next time.

Much Love,

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