Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The World Needs More Love Letters

What started out as an innocent scroll through Pinterest, turned into something that changed my life. I came across a pin that was titled: "A love letter to a college freshmen". So I pinned it to my RA board and continued on my daily scroll. When I was finished, that particular pin made me go back and actually click on the link. I read the letter (and you should too ) and found myself welling up, as per usual when I read/watch such things similar to this. I read it again and wished that I had found this letter before August 2013, because I would have copied it and put it in every one of my freshmen's rooms. I thought this would be perfect for the people that were homesick or didn't know what direction they should take with their college lives. So I did the next best thing, I posted this link to my Facebook wall. And then I also posted it to the Facebook group I have for my residents! I figured better late then never, right?

Well even after I had posted the letter, I still felt drawn to looking at the site more closely. So I clicked on the home link and when the page was finished loading the first thing I noticed were the words in the tab bar: "Come Home." Immediately I knew, that my life had been changed forever because I felt as if I was already Home.

As I read on and on about the site the more I felt inclined to be a part of this wonderful project of sharing my love with the world. Just to give little background about the project, you write letters to strangers expressing your love, gratitude, encouragement, and understanding. You do not have to write it to anyone in particular. A lot of the letters begin with "Dear you" or "Hello There Stranger" etc. Then you write your message of encouragement, inspiration, helpfulness, empowerment, happiness, appreciation and whatever else you can think of that would bring a smile to someone's face. Next, you have several options for the final signature; you can either sign "From a Friend", "From a Stranger" or you can sign using your first name. You are prohibited from giving out any contact information. The last touch before sealing up your message is to write somewhere in the letter "". The hope is that the person who finds your letter will visit the website and read about why they might have found your message. The website encourages documenting found letters and the location of where these notes were discovered. When you have your letter sealed up you write something on the front of the envelope to encourage people to pick up the envelope, read the letter, and keep it! After that you go and place your note in unique places where people might see and find them. Here are a few of my own envelope titles and letter places. 

My reasons for wanting to be involved in this project are listed as followed.

First, this project tugged on my heart strings because I love and I mean LOVE writing letters (all of my friends and family will tell you [they get a lot of mail when I have the spare time and change :) ]). So why not share my love through the form of communication I love best? Also, I love the option to not have to use postage just to write letters to people! Along with that I enjoy the creativity that comes with deciding where to put your letters, which gives me a lot of pleasure! 

Second, this world needs some love. And I mean some honest to goodness love! If I can be a part of the change in the world through doing something I love, writing letters, then I will do it! I love the hiding the messages and wondering when people are going to find it. Also knowing that I will be changing someone's day just by writing a simple note of encouragement or beauty which is something that I fullheartedly believe in! 

Third, for the people who know me they will understand: I thrive on giving encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment to others. I have been blessed to have people in my life that have done the same for me! Had it not been for these people I don't know if I would be where I am today. By empowering others I feel as if I am giving back and paying it forward. I want to continue this wonderful cycle because what if a simple note of encouragement to keep going is all it takes for someone's life to change? I want to help facilitate that change! 

Fourth, this is a way for me to take a break as well. To get in touch with my creative side and just focus on someone else instead of just me. Sometimes I think that we have gotten into this way of thinking where it is all about us. I do not believe that to be the case, we are humans and we are supposed to help one another along. But I don't want to get too off topic so I will save this subject for a different post.

Yesterdsy, I wrote and (creatively) sealed 9 different letters! I hid them all around: some in books and journals throughout severl stores, in front of store products, and one by the sink of a public restroom. I was so extremely happy with what I had done that I wanted to hurry home and write all about it so that maybe you too could experience the same joy that I do from spreading handwritten letters of love all across the world. I urge you to at least visit the site and see what it is all about! I know I am quite excited to continue my 2014 year with just a little more love, joy and happiness! :)

Much Love,

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